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Thermapen Sheath 2.0

Well its been over 5 years since I made the original Thermapen Sheath.  Today I felt its time to reboot that item and improve on it with precision quality through CNC manufacturing.   Kydex today is much more desirable when it comes to camouflage and infused patterns compared to the old days of OD green and Black.  Don't get me wrong OD and Black are still one of the most popular solid colors but today people want that flashiness and uniqueness to their rigs. 

Now that EIGHT2TEN has had its own CNC for over 2 years the Thermapen sheath was due for a reboot, as I was confident I could improve on the original sheath.  In the new sheath you will see chamfered edges, a sleek design, and a minimalistic approach to carrying your Thermapen on those BBQ competitions.  Show off your favorite colors by sporting my Thermapen Sheath 2.0 at your next cook off and watch the competition weep with envy as you know your Thermapen is right on your hip. 

Ok, enough with the tough talk....... This item is very robust and is designed to get dirty with grease inside so you can just wash it out with soap and water.  I can't stand sticking my Thermapen in my pocket after poking a juicy brisket only to find out I just ruined a pair of 511 shorts.  My sheath should eliminate that as the material is hard plastic used by Special Forces and Law Enforcement around the world and can withstand a beating incase your wife finds out how much you spent on your smoker like mine did......  I have almost all camo patterns in stock ready to make you your very own Thermapen Sheath 2.0.   Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions regarding my BBQing or sheath making!

Dr. Justin Lewis

May 28, 2019 by Justin Lewis
Tags: Thermapen

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