Production Status

Updated: 5/5/2021

Ahead of schedule .

ONEWHEEL Items take a few days to print/manufacture
Holster can take up to ~10 Business days to Manufacture

Chris Richardson Signature Series XR Plates

$ 45.00


Limited edition XR signature series plates for .Pro Rider Chris Richardson.  These are limited edition and once they are gone they are gone.  Each one is numbered and engraved with Chris’s signature.   With each set sold EIGHT2TEN will donate $5.00 to the Float Life Fest 3 under the .Pro PayPal account once all sets are gone. 

Comes with a unique signed and numbered front plate and a back plate in red with stainless steel hardware for XR.  

****These are going to be collector worthy, as I put my best effort in soliciting the best material possible and the engraving is icing on top!   

Material Used

  • UHMW in Hot Red
  • Self  lubricating
  • 40% thicker than other plates for extra mileage 
  • extremly slick
  • chamfered edges
  • Cnc cut and Laser Engraved 
  • made in USA 
  • Stainless Steel Hardware



A special thanks to Vitto Campuzano for putting this project together, without his efforts these plates would not be available.