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Onewheel Plate Jig

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Want a repeatable process to make yourself or your club members their own Onewheel Skid/Protection Plates?  Want to try your own material to grind on?  Looking to sling a few plates on the side? Our jig will give you that repeatable process that has that perfect fit every time.  

Overview of the Plate Jig

Video of it being used to make a set of Plates


What you will need:

  • Router/Router Table
  • 1/2 Trim Router bit with ball bearing
  • 1/4 Brad Point Drill Bit
  • Drill
  • Punch
  • Templates (Digital Download Included)
  • Onewheel Plate Jig
What comes with the Jig
  • (1)Jig
  • (4) Stainless Screws
  • Digital Download of the Drill Templates