Production Status
Holster can take up to ~10-15 Business days to Manufacture

Devil's Lettuce Rail Guards

$ 45.00


Devils Lettuce is a pattern many people asked me about and I think we nailed it.  The patter had many shades of greens and yellows and deep browns.  Not to flashy but a great way to express yourself if this is your cup of tea.

Product comes with:

  • Full coverage double sided tape
  • Everything you need to stick to your board

Note: Pint Rail guards may have a bow in them when you receive them.  Simply just bend them straight and don’t be afraid to hurt them.  Trust me you won’t break them.  

 Application:  Please, Please clean the entire rail off with rubbing alcohol prior to application.  Pay extra attention around the hub motor bolts as there could be some residue from the manufacture.  DO NOT APPLY HEAT!!!!   If you have issues please contact me through the contact me page.