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Tactical Wallet

$ 35.00


These "wallets" are extremely tough and can be used for EDC or for packing a "bug out" bag.  With the rivet system you can attach many different items to the wallet or attach the wallet to packs.  This rivet system makes the wallet very versatile in multiple environments. So if you are looking to slim down from an old leather wallet you might enjoy this system if your a card carrier. 

Ideas for use

  • Attach Velcro to the back of the wallet for attachment to an Arcteryx Khard pack!
  • EDC
  • Class III paperwork
  • Important papers/ cards for a bug out or get home bag
  • Drivers license and insurance cards in the car
  • and many more.......


  • Holds 1-7 cards
  • Rivet System for attachments
  • Engineered spring for tight closure
  • Made from .08 - .09 Kydex
  • Perfect for EDC

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